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Oh yeah well, listening to the x22 report my name is David this episode 2949 and today's date is December 15th 2020 what is it is begun Trump counters the Deep State I bore Comey before d-class let's get right into the economic collapse news now Trump the Patriots they just made a major Trump made two announcements today and I do believe one was the real announcement the other one was kind of a head fake but we're going to be talkin about that one announcement because I think there's something very very important on what he did he actually introduced everyone to digital wallet and I do believe this is the beginning but many people don't even know what a digital wallet is but now has Trump made his announcement where you want to get his trading card you need to get a digital wallet I do believe this is the beginning of the transition into a different currency and he's bringing the people with him and I do believe this is exactly what is going to be taking place as we move forward now don't get me wrong gold is going to play a very important part in transitioning into a new system remember gold has been around for many many years I'm talking about thousands of years it is money it's a confidence-builder and I do believe in the end that gold is going to destroy the FED but once again you can't carry around gold it's a great store of wealth and I do believe we're in the digital age and I do believe Trump is trying to bring everyone on board now he's not just going to come out and say everyone everyone moved to bitcoin right now that would be a complete and utter disaster most people probably wouldn't even move now people are getting the introduction the first lesson of getting a digital wallet I do believe this is just the beginning what we talked about that a little bit later but we could see what the B Administration is doing right now they are continuing their agenda moving forward with the green New Deal and if they continue to do this and people see what their true agenda is where they're going to continually say hey by the way we're going to take your money and we're going to send it off someplace else to help other people and you're just going to have to pay for it it's almost like them saying okay this week yeah we send money over to South Africa we sent money over to Ukraine can everyone write a check for $1,000 because that's how much going to cost you this week next week is going to be 1500 a week after that has to be a thousand you think people will go along with this if that's actually what was happening what it is what's happening you just don't realize it as piles up who you think's paying for all this interest it's We the People why do you think they keep one of raising the taxes on everyone because they need more money to pay for their debt and if the interest rates move up they need more money and this is how they enslave a population but look what Joe Biden is doing Joe Biden is pledging American taxpayers will pay South Africa to close down Coal Power Plant why in the world would the people of the United States pay for something in South Africa why would they pay any other country will this is what the Deep State the world economic Forum the private went to Central Bank this is what they want to do and they want to use our money to pay for everything else

ええと、x22 レポートを聞いている私の名前はデビッドです。このエピソード 2949 で、今日の日付は 2020 年 12 月 15 日です。何が始まったのですか。

トランプはディープ ステートに対抗します。メジャーになったばかりのペイトリオッツ トランプは今日2つの発表を行いました.1つは本当の発表であり、もう1つは頭の偽物だったと思いますが、非常に重要なことがあると思うので、その1つの発表について話します彼がしたことについて、彼は実際にみんなにデジタルウォレットを紹介しました。私はこれが始まりだと信じていますが、多くの人はデジタルウォレットが何であるかさえ知りませんが、トランプはトレーディングカードをどこで手に入れたいかを発表しました。

デジタルウォレットを手に入れようこれは別の通貨への移行の始まりだと私は信じています.彼は人々を連れてきています.誤解しないでください 金は新しいシステムに移行する際に非常に重要な役割を果たします 金は何年も前から存在していたことを思い出してください 私は何千年もの間話しています それはお金です それは自信を築くものであり、私は信じています

最終的に金は FED を破壊するでしょうが、再び金を持ち歩くことはできません。金は富の素晴らしい貯蔵庫であり、私たちはデジタル時代にいると信じており、トランプはすべての人を参加させようとしていると信じています。


これは少し後で話したことのほんの始まりにすぎませんが、B政権が現在何をしているのかを見ることができました。真実アジェンダは、私たちがあなたのお金を受け取り、他の人を助けるために別の場所に送金する方法で、彼らが継続的にやるように言うところです。あなたはそれに対して支払う必要があります.彼らが今週大丈夫と言っているように、私たちは南アフリカに送金します私たちはウクライナに送金しました誰もが$ 1,000の小切手を書くことができますか? 1,000 人になろうとすると、人々はこれに同意すると思います。それが実際に起こっていたことなのであれば、何が起こっているのかを理解していないだけです。


これが彼らが人口を奴隷にする方法ですが、ジョー・バイデンが何をしているのか見てください南アフリカに支払う石炭火力発電所を閉鎖する 世界でなぜ米国の人々は南アフリカで何かを支払うのでしょうか 

なぜ彼らは他の国に支払うのでしょうか これはディープステート 世界経済フォーラム 民間が中央銀行に行ったものです彼らは私たちのお金を他のすべての支払いに使いたいと思っています

Which of the following do you know what happens when struggling second and third world nations are forced into Korean energy their leaders escape with all the loot and the country collapses into chaos these people are effing insane and they absolutely are having to take her example Pete budajudge Pete budajudge he's always on vacation he's always doing things that you shouldn't be doing any never around for anything that really matters and right now he's letting everyone know that he's on his 99 flight and actually the taxpayers are paying for this actually at least 18 flights that he is taking right now have been on private jets and the US taxpayers have paid for this now if we go back in time remember Trump's Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price will he was forced to resign after taking 26 private flights in 2017 so what are judge taking all these private jets lecturing the American people on the virtues of making sacrifices in the name of climate change will why is he taking a private jet why do using taxpayers money and maybe he should resign because he's catching up to where Tom prices so when he reaches the amount of light that Tom Price reached does that mean he needs to resign automatically I do believe that we probably should do it right now because what is she really doing as he done anything for America absolutely not to feel like he's on vacation maternity leave and everything else and he's done absolutely nothing these people are absolutely worthless and look what's happening with the economy as the by demonstration continually pushes their agenda it's all falling apart now I know the vitamin station time to tell everyone look inflation teasing really inflation teasing well when you came into office inflation was around 2% so it went from 2% to 7.1% how is it easing its easing by what you did you brought it up to you. Almost close to 9 % and you and it came down to 7.1% so you caused it to go to 9 and it came down to 7 but you actually bought it from 2 to 7.1 so like I said before if I could trainer who fattens you up and says you just lost 20 pounds you maybe get a hundred give us a look at that you lost 20 pounds you looking good that's what Biden is doing right now he's gaslighting the entire country is absolutely ridiculous but look at retail sales retail sales in November we're down in November buy more than experts expected they dropped 5.6% and the question is why is this happening well it seems that California's one-time anti-inflation stymie check has come to an end and actually if you look at the graph you can sing wild California was in the people in California are getting this money retail sales moved up very high in California and I brought the entire nation up now that this is completely gone everything is falling apart and actually this time of year spending should be off sharks and Joe Biden's economic mistakes actually are they mistakes are part of an agenda I think they're part of an agenda they're crushing the families in Christmas there was a survey done in our survey found that 70% of Shoppers are taking inflation into consideration is specifically coping with inflation by buying fewer things 51% say they're buying fewer things 36% they're using more coupon 27% say their scaling back on gift giving 24% say spacing out purchases over several months 23% say buying more in bulk 22% say try new brands 22% safe buying more used items so that people know they are scaling back because they can't make ends meet





あなたはあなたにそれをもたらしました。ほぼ 9% に近づき、あなたとそれは 7.1% に下がったので、あなたはそれを 9 に上げて 7 に下げましたが、実際には 2 から 7.1 まで購入したので、前に言ったように、あなたを太らせるトレーナーができればそして、あなたはちょうど20ポンドを失ったと言います.100ポンドを得るかもしれません.20ポンドを失ったことを見てください.あなたは見栄えが良いです. 


カリフォルニアでは小売売上高が非常に高くなりました。これが完全になくなった今、私は国全体を元気づけました。 J oe バイデンの経済的過ちは実際には議題の一部です それらは議題の一部だと思います 彼らはクリスマスに家族を押しつぶしています 私たちの調査で行われた調査では、買い物客の70%がインフレを考慮に入れていることがわかりました具体的には物を買う量を減らすことでインフレに対処している 51% が物を買う量を減らしていると答えている 36% クーポンをより多く使用している 27% が贈答品を減らしていると言っている22% が新しいブランドを試すと答えている 22% は安全に中古品をより多く購入できるため、収支が合わないために縮小していることを人々に理解してもらうことができます

Pacifically Buying fewer things 51% say they're buying fewer things 36% say they're using more coupons 27% say their scaling back on gift giving 24% spacing out purchases over several months 23% say buying more in both 22% say trying new brands 22% safe buying more used items so that people know they are scaling back because they can't make ends meet because inflation is very high the fuel costs are very high people are losing their jobs and people are having a very difficult time and the buying the ministration can tell you all the great things are doing but they're really not they made it really really bad and they made it a little bit better but it's a lot worse than when they where they started from I mean really think about this for a second I mean with the fuel prices they almost brought it up to $5 a gallon now it's like three 5339 depending where you live look how great it is now well when he came into office gas was not 3:39 not 3:50 it was in the low 20s so everything that he did is working against the American people and people see this very very clearly people aren't going home. Thank God you brought the gas up to five you brought it down to 350 thank you thank you so much for doing that no one's doing that that's absolutely ridiculous but look at industrial production it's completely falling apart it fell by .2% month on month and when you start to look at everything you can see that things are not going well especially with the Rhinos McConnell is out there he's trying to push this Omnibus Bill before they go on break before there's a new Congress and the Republicans Patriot they're calling him out on this thing the American people do not want this they don't want to send Morty they don't want more of this representative AAA put this out on Twitter he said the following I'm looking at Mitch McConnell when I say this do your job leader McConnell do your job and follow the wishes of the American people who gave a majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives and he's absolutely right McConnell doesn't care about the people he was installed see these people that are installed in these positions they don't answer to the American people they answer to their Puppet Masters and they do what Their Puppet Masters say and I think the American people are seeing this very very clearly right now the people are seeing what's going on and you can see that the Deep State players they're instructing their minions and I'm talking about the foot soldiers in Congress to do what the what needs to be done and what needs to be done is the stop alternative currency they don't want Bitcoin because that counter Central Bank digital currency so what are they doing they're telling their foot soldiers you must come up with a digital asset anti-money laundering Act of 2022 and Elizabeth Warren she's behind this and she's pushing this very very hard so what's in this bill to digital asset but anti-money laundering Act of 2022 proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes the following regulations Section 3 Let's just read Section 3 right now part A the classification of custodial well as a nun hosted wallet providers likely many developers are noncustodial balls as well as cryptocurrency miners validators are other notes that may act of validate or secure third-party transaction independent Network participants and other validators with control over Network protocols as money service businesses Section 3 part 28 promulgation of a rule that prohibits financial institutions from Hamden using or transacting with digital asset mixers privacy coins another anonymity enhancement technology as specified by the secretary of the US Treasury and handling using a injection business with digital assets that have been an animal sized Section 3 part A of the digital asset anti-money laundering Act of 2022 with Dean anyone developing non-custodial wallet as money transmitters requiring them to obtain a license the problem on hosted wallet providers do not exist on hosted wallet or non-custodial what are simply software this is infringing on the First Amendment the enactment of Section 3 part would hence require anyone writing software which enabled the sending receiving and signing a Bitcoin transactions to obtain a money transmitter license this attempt at restricting the writing of coat is nothing you indirectly unconstitutional approach as the US Constitution clearly states that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech under these circumstances attempt at regulating the writing software have been struck down by a us Court numerous times but they're continually trying because they know

51% 購入するものが少ない 36% より多くのクーポンを使用している 27% が贈り物を減らしていると回答している 24% 数か月にわたって購入の間隔を空けている 23% が両方ともより多く購入していると回答している 22% が試していると回答している新しいブランド 22% の安全性 より多くの中古品を購入することで、人々は縮小していることを知ることができます。

インフレが非常に高く、燃料費が非常に高く、人々は仕事を失い、非常に困難な時期を過ごしています。大臣を買収することは、すべての素晴らしいことが行われていることをあなたに伝えることができますが、彼らは実際にはそうではありません。ちょっとこれは、燃料価格で、ガロンあたり 5 ドル近くになったことを意味します。今では、3 つの 5339 のようになっています。

あなたが住んでいる場所によっては、彼がオフィスに入ったとき、それがどれほど素晴らしいかを見てみましょう。ガスは 3:39 ではなく 3:50 でした。それは20代後半だったので、彼がしたことはすべて私はアメリカ国民に反対して働いており、人々はこれを非常にはっきりと見ており、人々は家に帰りません。

神に感謝しますガスを5に上げて350に下げました誰もやってくれないことに感謝しますそれは絶対にばかげていますが、工業生産を見てくださいそれは完全に崩壊していますそれは月に0.2%減少し、すべてを見始めると、特にRhinos McConnellがうまくいっていないことがわかります.新しい議会と共和党の愛国者が彼を呼んでいる前に、彼らが休憩する前に、彼はこのオムニバス法案を推し進めようとしています.



ビットコインは中央銀行のデジタル通貨に対抗するため、彼らは何をしているのでしょうか。彼らは歩兵に、2022年のデジタル資産反マネーロンダリング法を考え出さなければならないと言っています。では、この法案の内容はデジタル資産ですが、エリザベス・ウォーレン上院議員によって提案された 2022 年のマネーロンダリング防止法は、次の規則を提案しています 

セクション 3 今すぐセクション 3 を読んでみましょう。多くの開発者は非管理ボールである可能性が高く、仮想通貨の採掘者 バリデーターは、サードパーティのトランザクションを検証または保護する機能を果たす可能性があるその他の注意事項 ネットワーク参加者およびその他のバリデーターは、マネー サービスとしてのネットワーク プロトコルを制御します。

ビジネス セクション 3 パート 28 金融機関がハムデンからデジタル資産ミキサーを使用または取引することを禁止する規則の公布 プライバシー コイン動物サイズ 2022 年のデジタル資産アンチマネーロンダリング法のセクション 3 パート A マネー送信機として非カストディアル ウォレットを開発している人は誰でも、ライセンスを取得する必要があります 

ホスト型ウォレット プロバイダーの問題は、ホスト型ウォレットまたは非カストディアルには存在しませんFirst Ame を侵害しているソフトウェアとは何ですか?したがって、第 3 部の制定により、Bitcoin トランザクションの送信と受信と署名を可能にするソフトウェアを作成する人は誰でも、送金ライセンスを取得する必要があります。議会は、これらの状況下での言論の自由を短縮する法律を制定してはならない 書き込みソフトウェアを規制しようとする試みは、米国の裁判所によって何度も却下されてきましたが、彼らは知っているため、継続的に試みています

She'll make no law abridging the freedom of speech under these circumstances attempt at regulating the writing of software have been struck down by US court numerous times but they're continually trying because they know that they can have Bitcoin that they know they can control gold right now but they don't want a digital currency which counters listen to buy digital currency so they're trying everything they possibly can to shut this down that was very interesting is that Trump he made two announcements that I think one was a head fake and what was the real one but the head fake was the Trump digital card but I do believe there was a message in there to everyone I had was very interesting about this is that this is based on nft and you must have a wallet to accept these digital cards now I do believe the things that people are going to purchase this and those people that don't have walls they're going to be introduced into getting a digital wallet which could hold crypto-currencies and when you look at this you can see that this is the beginning bullying Bitcoin vs put this out and down below he said this is coming from the collection cards. Com website owners must ensure that he that she he obtained and maintains a functioning self custom wallet such as metamask or coinbase wallet or similar capable of accessing the nfts as well as any cryptocurrencies necessary to purchase and or sell the nfc's including where applicable aetherium. Really think about this for a second this is the introduction into digital wallets now a lot of people might not have digital out a lot of people who say okay how did we get one I would like these digital playing cards I would like to trade them and I do believe this is the beginning stages you just can't come at the people say okay everyone we're going to switch right now we're going to take what you have and we're going to move it into a digital wallet and we're going to shut down the Federal Reserve it's not going to work that way I do believe that this is work to get everyone used to it I do believe there's going to be more of this as we go down the line and people then as we continue to do this and as more of this comes out more and more people would get used to using the digital wallet this is the introduction into the transition and I do believe a lot of people are going to learn a lot about this as they do this in those people that know nothing about it they're going to start to learn that hey you know something I have to do a lot I can actually get Bitcoin I can keep it in wallet and I can actually trade it actually not even trade it I can use it to purchase things and I do believe this is the beginning of the transition into digital currency and people are starting to learn how they can use this and how it functions and this is just the beginning stages of how do you get people to understand and how do you introduce a digital wallet this is one way of doing it I do believe this is going to continue on as time goes on I do believe the transition has already begun and in the yet as people get used to this people are going to make a decision because they will then understand a lot more and I'm not saying the entire population will but a majority will they will understand what's really going on do understand that I have a digital bottom I can do this very easily a lot of the banks now they have the ability to allow you to purchase Bitcoin and as this continues on more and more people are going to get used to it and that's the whole thing once people get used to it and they're no longer afraid of it and it just becomes part of their daily lives just like one ATMs first came out and digital banking came out a lot of people were afraid of it or not you know going to a I'm not going to do Banking online people can steal my account I remember a lot of people saying that like you can't do Banking online because people will take your money now everyone does Banking online it's an everyday thing today no one even questions it same thing with ATM and I do believe as time goes on and its people get use the digital wallet the same things going to happen people are just going to get used to it so it's part of my everyday life yes I can either use the Fiat or I can use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to pay for something and as people get used to it the switch to digital currency and I'm talking about cryptocurrency Bitcoin is going to be very very easy so when the private what's the central bank at World economic Forum tries to push us into their system people say you know something I'm very happy you can take your feet out we don't need that anymore we're going to just move everything into Bitcoin and we're just going to go and we're going to use it to buy things we're going to get paid in it and it's completely outside of the private wasn't Central bank's system and I do believe in the end this is what the people are going to do and the people are going to get used to it in the people going to make the final decision let's talk about her health if New Year's resolution is to improve your house like 48% of other Americans here something you can help support your weight management goals

彼女は、このような状況下で言論の自由を制限する法律を作らないだろう ソフトウェアの書き込みを規制しようとする試みは、米国の裁判所によって何度も却下されてきた今は金ですが、彼らはデジタル通貨の購入に耳を傾けるデジタル通貨を望んでいないので、これをシャットダウンするためにできる限りのことを試みています。



これを見ると、これがビットコインのいじめの始まりであることがわかります。 Comのウェブサイトの所有者は、nftにアクセスできるメタマスクやコインベースウォレットなどの機能するセルフカスタムウォレット、および該当する場合はエーテリウムを含むnfcを購入または販売するために必要な暗号通貨を取得して維持していることを確認する必要があります。

ちょっと考えてみてください これはデジタルウォレットの導入です 多くの人がデジタルアウトを持っていないかもしれません 多くの人はどうやって手に入れたのですか?これは最初の段階であり、人々が大丈夫だと言うことはできないと私は信じています。私たちは今すぐ切り替えます。


これについて何も知らない人々は、これから始めようとしています。 o やるべきことがたくさんあることを知ってください 実際にビットコインを手に入れることができます ウォレットに入れておくことができます 実際に取引することができます 実際に取引することさえできません それを使って物を購入することができますデジタル通貨への移行と、人々はこれをどのように使用できるか、どのように機能するかを学び始めています。

これは、人々に理解してもらう方法とデジタルウォレットをどのように導入するかの最初の段階にすぎません。これは 1 つの方法です。これは時間が経つにつれて続くと私は信じています。私は移行がすでに始まっていると信じています.全人口がそうだと言っているわけではありませんが、大多数は彼らが実際に何が起こっているのかを理解するでしょう 

私にはデジタルの底があることを理解しています 私はこれを非常に簡単に行うことができます 今では多くの銀行がビットコインの購入を許可する能力を持っていますこれは続くますます多くの人がそれに慣れるでしょう。

人々がそれに慣れると、それがすべてであり、もはやそれを恐れなくなり、ATM が最初に登場してデジタル化されたように、日常生活の一部になります。多くの人がそれを恐れていたかどうかはわかりません 

私はやりませんが オンラインバンキングは私のアカウントを盗むことができます 

多くの人がオンラインバンキングはできないと言ったのを覚えています。今では誰もがあなたのお金を受け取ります オンラインバンキングは今日では日常的なことであり、誰もATMについて同じことを疑問視することさえありません。




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新年の抱負が、ここにいる他のアメリカ人の 48% のように家を改善することである場合の最終的な決定は、彼の驚くべきケトパワーで体重管理の目標をサポートするのに役立つものです。食欲管理の新陳代謝と全体的なエネルギーレベルを助けることができるケトンの何万人ものアメリカ人が体重管理を助けるためにこの方法に頼っています. 

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操り人形師のニュース 彼らは再び引き裂かれなかった トランプは昨日出てきて、巨大な発表があることをみんなに知らせた 主要な発表 そしてもちろん、彼らが待っていたフェイクニュース 彼らは準備していた そして彼が言ったことは確かだ彼が何を発表するか見てみよう 彼は皆が逮捕されていると発表するつもりだ 彼は軍隊が来ると発表しようとしている 彼らは待機していた そしてトランプ 彼は彼がトランプのデジタルカードをリリースし、それは今ブロックされているだろう 

偽のニュース 彼らは狂った 彼らは見出しを書き始めた 聖なるがらくた これは主要なニュースだ これは彼がやっていることのすべてです 彼はnですデジタルカードをペダリングしている バイデンでさえ、みんなに知ってもらいました すごい すごい 彼はこれらのばかげた発表を私がやったことのように見せています 

私はインフレを7.1%まで上げました本当の発表は後で ツイッターで起こっていることすべてについて考える 政府がどのように憲法に違反してきたかについて考える 東部のfb i go j DHSと腐敗した政治家が何をしてきたかについて考える 彼らは皆憲法に違反してきたことについて考える憲法は、彼らが契約を破ったことを意味し、


Right now is countering everything the Deep State the corrupt politicians have done now think about it on the other side and we discuss this a little bit later I think about it has the by the ministration come out about how the Constitution was violated has the FBI Department of Justice the fake news have they said anything no don't you find that very interesting here we have a violation of the Constitution government was colluding with corporations and telling the corporations we want these people censored I'm talking about the FDA the CDC the FBI. Jdhs and it goes down the line that you would think for these people that took the oath to protect the rights of the people to protect the Constitution and fulfilled what the constitution of the contract says they would be out there taking action but the silence tells you everything you need to know what this is my trunk came out and countered everything that was done out the Deep State they can do one or two things they can now go after all those people that violated the Constitution and investigate that why would they do that because it would be them who they're investigating or they just stay silent and everyone's looking at them saying okay Trump is telling you that you violated the Constitution America sees that you violated the Constitution and you're doing absolutely nothing where's the fake news at all this you know freedom of the press freedom of speech where are they they're nowhere to be found Trump caught them heat wrap them and now they can't escape we're going to be talking a little bit more about this end the message that Trump sent out about James Comey I believe he just sent a signal letting us know that he's on deck and I do believe maybe Durham is going to be coming back on the scene but first let's talk about the Strange Case of Paul Pelosi because Paul Pelosi in this case with Dave du Pape where they had a fight in there was a hammer and they're both in their underwear it is very very strange now during the court hearing it seems that the police body cam footage was revealed but they didn't allow cameras in the courtroom and they had the screen turned away and all you could hear was the audio now the question is why didn't they want anyone to see this while I think we all know this I think they don't want us to see what was really going on and what's very interesting is that the son of Paul Pelosi's allege Packer Dave David the paper says his father is not evil he believes in human rights and is basically saying that he might have been a sex slave in all of this now this is very interesting and I wonder where all of this is going to go and we'll have to wait to see because this case is getting more and more interesting as time goes on and a lot of it's not making sense whatsoever but the other thing that's very interesting is that Rudy Giuliani we know that he's had Hunter Biden's information since 2019 and he was on Hannity and he's told everyone that he handed off to many different people or maybe we just being interviewed and he said he handed off the Hannity he handed off to my phone pay out and he did all these things and he was letting everyone know that Mike Pompeo was burying the information now this is very interesting storm has arrived 17 on true social put this outside Mike Pompeo was given a chance to respond to Rudy giuliani's recent comments at Pompeo very the hunger by the laptop back in it and 29 Pompeo seems to uncomfortably dance around the question and doesn't flat-out deny it trust Kansas time will tell now once again was this part of the plan we need to really think about this because if this plan was to expose Biden Hunter Biden the Puppet Masters while they were in the white house while he was living in the White House and all eyes are on Biden would you want the information coming out while Trump was in the white house I don't believe so it would look like a political hit but we'll have to see how this all plays out I do believe Optics are very important now the other thing is very interesting is every time Trump comes out and starts to point the finger at certain players and he's pointing the finger at call me it seems that he's signaling that Durham be coming back and we might be seeing another court case or something happening very very soon or maybe something will just be introduced but this is what Trump put out on true social he said in June 2017 a month after FBI director James Comey was fired by President Trump

現在、腐敗した政治家が行ったディープステートのすべてに反対しています.反対側でそれについて考えてみてください.これについては少し後で議論します.司法省 偽のニュース 彼らは何か言った いいえ、非常に興味深いことだと思いませんか 政府は企業と共謀し、これらの人々を検閲してほしいと企業に伝えていた 憲法違反があります 

私が話しているのは FDA と CDC です連邦捜査局。 Jdhs と、憲法を守る人々の権利を守るために誓いを立て、契約の憲法が彼らが行動を起こすだろうと述べていることを果たしたこれらの人々についてあなたが考えるだろうが、沈黙はあなたに言うこれが私のトランクであることを知るために必要なすべてが出てきて、ディープステートで行われたすべてに反論しました。

彼らが調査しているのは彼らであるか、彼らはただ黙っていて、誰もが彼らを見ている.トランプはあなたが憲法に違反したとあなたに言っている.報道の自由 言論の自由 彼らはどこにいるの?この結末について、トランプがジェームズ・コミーについて送ったメッセージをもう少し詳しく見てみましょう。彼は、彼がデッキにいることを私たちに知らせる合図を送ったと思います。



時間が経つにつれて、このケースはますます興味深いものになり、多くのことがうまくいかないため、様子を見るのを待つ必要があります。とにかく非常に興味深いのは、ルディ・ジュリアーニが2019年からハンター・バイデンの情報を持っていて、ハニティにいたことを知っていることです。ハニティを渡した 彼は私の電話に渡した お金を払った そして彼はこれらすべてのことをしました 

そして彼はマイク・ポンペオが情報を埋めていることをみんなに知らせていました 今これは非常に興味深いです 嵐が到来しましたポンペオでのルディ・ジュリアーニの最近のコメントに答えるチャンス. ラップトップに飢えている.もう一度、計画のこの部分でした。













そしてそれに数多くのスポンサーが集まりトランプ大統領がTruth Socialで発表してからわずか数時間で、さまざまな大企業からトランプのTRBゴールデンチェック財政援助プログラムに合計83億ドルが投資され、カードの価値が高まり始めています